Sathya 29-12-2020 Written Episode

Sathya 29-12-2020 Written Episode

Today Written update Indian famous Drama Sathya today full Episode. Sathya 29 December 2020


The present scene starts with Truth giving everybody desserts and it tells them uplifting news. She never figured it would happen at any point in the near future. Weerasingham trusts that Prabhu consented to his words and promptly educated Sathya. Is Anita requesting a sign about the cheerful news? What is wrong with Nandhumati gesturing and scrutinizing her? Truth tells her that she got a major rent at her service place.

They are prepared to service 50 bicycles each day. She procures Rs 5 to 6 lakh month to month. They likewise issue a development check. She wants to place this sum into her chit account for Anita yet how can she do it prior to beginning work? Nirmala thinks their friendship is for all time shut, and has now gotten back from the police headquarters alone. Satya addresses them why they are here rather than their organization. She tells Indumathi that she wants to impart this news to the Lord.

Weerasingham sees his response and expectations that the present insight will prompt him. Indhumati tells Anita that Satya can gain from her how to lead the organization. She utilized her gifts in business and made a benefit in that service community yet what did she do? She wants to begin a business against her, which is the reason she offended us. She is pointless, she has nothing to state about leaving.


Satya alarms Prabhu from behind and makes him sweet. He addresses her why she brought sweet at this point. She answers him that she is rented and gets Rs 5 lakh month to month. Prabhu grinned. She is sorry to him for having marked the agreement without the truth as he is pitiful and misjudged that he is dismal. Prabhu feels regretful for not admitting to himself.

Anita was staying there. Weerasingham tells her that her uncle will purchase the oil well in America, for which he needs 2 crores, and on the off chance that he offers it to him he will restore 4 lakhs. Anita reprimands him for not having an oil well in America. On the off chance that she allows him to remain here he’ll make her substitute the road. She tosses him out. He falls before the truth. She asks him what’s wrong. Anita stops him and takes him inside. Satya leaves there and arrives at the service community.

Truth tells them uplifting news. After Makan asked her for what valid reason she hadn’t shared it previously and returned home. She answers that she wants to impart it to her family first. Makan scrutinized her and its lordship right? She is embarrassed.

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