Sembaruthi 30-12-2020 Written Episode

Sembaruthi 30-12-2020 Written Episode

Sembaruthi 30 December 2020 Full Episode video HD Live Streaming on Zee Tamil. Sembaruthi 30 December 2020 Recent Episode Online. Sembaruthi 30 December 2020 Today’s Latest Episode. Watch Indian TV Serial Sembaruthi New Episode Online Update.

Sembaruthi episode live play Sembaruthi 30 December 2020

Sembaruthi 30 December 2020 Full Episode


The sequential starts with Purushom asking Akhila to keep the phone with her. When giving the phone, he drops the phone. Akhila says the phone is dead. She asks for fixes. Vanaja is pleased. She tells Adi Parvati that the phone is turned off. Parvati gets vexed. Adi guarantees that her mom’s portable might be dead.

As Parvati isn’t persuaded, her mom gets back to him before she gets done with applying nail clean to her nails. The phone will ring. Purushottman says that Akhila attempted to call her yet his phone was occupied. Adhi says he was attempting to call Mum. Parvati is upbeat. She joyfully asks if Akhila Ma needs to converse with her. Purushottan says yes. Akhila at that point slapped Vanaja for denouncing her and Adi and adulated Parvati. Adhi and Parvati cheer. Purushottman asks Adi to call him Akhila, at that point Adi concurs.

Vanaja is venturing to and fro. Vadivel goes to her and asks what she is scheming about at this point. He derides her. He asks if the slap she got from Akhila isn’t sufficient. Wanja ordinarily says that Akhila was upset for her and conversed with her again yet this time Akhila had not addressed her at this point. Akhila tells Aishwarya, Arun and Vadivel not to upset her since they have a significant zoom meeting. She goes to her room. The threesome make an arrangement to trap Vanajan.

Aishwarya tells Pattama noisily as Vanaja asks her to have Akhila mint tea. Vanja contemplates taking tea for Akhila and second thoughts the slap. Vanaja thumps on the entryway. Akhila let out a scowl. Vanaja says he made the mint tea from his hand. Akhila reproves Vanaja for irritating her. She asks to get out. Vanja thinks about what befell him. Arun, Aishwarya and Vadivel ridicule Vanaja. The last leaves out of frustration.

Adhi tells Parvati that she is as courageous as her mom, which is the reason she can perform hard love. Parvati says she can’t be contrasted with Akhila Ma. Adhi asks her to demonstration like Akhila to demonstrate her words. Parvati cannot. She says she’s a straightforward young lady, she can’t walk like Akhila Ma. Adi demands, and she at long last concurs.

Parvati dressed like Akhila. She talks like Akhila. Adi applauded. He commends her. Parvati says she is cheerful. She asks him in the event that he can go to the sanctuary with Janu, who Adi consents to.

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