Sembaruthi 01-01-2021 Written Episode

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scene begins with Parvathi advising to the group that they took the baby from the trash container. They conceded the baby in the clinic and get her treated. Since the starting the baby’s mom has watched out for her youngster. Due to the pauverty, the mother more likely than not tossed the baby in the trash receptacle. She says she’s giving her gems to the baby. She likewise asks the individuals from the group to help the baby.

As the baby’s mom doesn’t approach, Parvathi chooses to place the baby and the gems in the cause box. A lady approaches and stops Parvathi. She takes the baby. She says she’s baby’s mom. Parvathi asks why she has placed the baby in the trash container. The lady says due to pauverty she took such choice. She clarifies her family circumstance. Parvathi and Adhi exhort them. The lady expresses gratitude toward Parvathi for saving her kid. The group acknowledges Parvathi and applauds her. Purushotaman watches everything. He thinks Parvathi has assisting mind with loving Akhila.

Purushotaman tells Gajendiren that Akhila conversed with Parvathi. To commend this he approach him to give free lunch to their staff. Vanaja watches him from higher up. Arun is additionally masterminded free lunch for their staff for two days. Knowing a similar Purushotaman calls again Gajendiren. He tells to expand the lunch for multi week. Arun and Purushotaman get into an opposition and the both continue expanding the free lunch period for the staff. Toward the end both embrace one another.

Vanaja attempts to incite Akhila against Purushotaman and Arun. She lauds Akhila that she has a major heart. She’s giving free lunches to their organization staff for a half year. Akhila telephones Gajendiren. She asks who approached to give free lunches to their laborers. Gajendiren tells Purushotaman and Arun. Akhila calls Purushotaman, Arun and Aishwarya to her room. Akhila asks Purushotaman why he is giving free lunches to the laborers. Purushotaman says he implored God that he will give free lunches if Akhila emerges from all the issues. Arun additionally tells a similar explanation.

Akhila asks why they’re lying. They might have disclosed to her that they’re giving lunch, as she conversed with Adhi. Purushotaman, Aishwarya and Arun gets glad while Vanaja is stunned. She asks them to give free lunch to consistently. Aishwarya says she might want to arrange lunch from her lodging. Akhila concurs.

Later Purushotaman tells Akhila that when they were occupied to save Akhila, Nandhini attempted to take their office archives, however their one staff called Parthiben saved all their organization reports by taking a chance with his own life. He got harmed. He further tells they should visit Parthiben house and value his endeavors. Akhila asks Aishwarya to bring the checkbook.

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