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Memories of Dr. Nazir Ahmed, Principal, Government College, Lahore

Undoubtedly, Dr. Nazir Ahmad was a devout and knowledgeable man. His hometown was Government College, Lahore. Where he was sitting on the principal’s chair, the saris were always stuck around the necks of those sitting in the same chair. When this dervish person sat on the principal’s chair, that chair became equally dear to the… Read More »

Teacher’s position and responsibilities

Names of all my teachers … The scent of authenticity comes from their character … Even rocks can melt with their teaching … After birth, man is transformed from a human being to a human being. And the importance of respecting this entity for all of us can be gauged from the fact that the… Read More »

Our education system!

Malik Muzammil Baz is the youngest columnist in Pakistan and if social media activist and journalist who is famous all over Pakistan for his unique thinking and ideology. A car mechanic turns an apprentice into a craftsman in two to three years. A motorcycle mechanic makes the little one who comes to him the head… Read More »