Our education system!

By | November 3, 2020

Malik Muzammil Baz is the youngest columnist in Pakistan and if social media activist and journalist who is famous all over Pakistan for his unique thinking and ideology.
A car mechanic turns an apprentice into a craftsman in two to three years.
A motorcycle mechanic makes the little one who comes to him the head of his family after three years by enabling him to earn his own living.
I know a barber who enabled his apprenticeship to become his own salon two years later.
There are a number of tailors I know who, after three years of training, have enabled their students to keep their stoves warm.
Architects make a person who is interested in construction work with them a good architect in two to three years and are able to build big buildings.

By learning to drive in a month, driving instructors enable young people to earn a living as a professional driver.
In four to five years, young people who learn electronics work are trained to repair mobiles, TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners and other electronic items, so that skilled people can earn a decent living.
From cooks to web designers, web developers and composers, there are countless professionals who enable a person to perform in the field by imparting the necessary skills in the relevant field in less than five years.

On the contrary
What is the reason that the majority of our architect nation with so many marks in academic credentials go abroad for a mediocre job in the practical field.
Masters degree holders as well as M.Phil and Ph.D. candidates are often seen for the fourth grade job.

The most painful thing
Our students pay hefty fees year after year for at least 12 to 15 years of education and training and learning modern sciences in schools and colleges.
How many linguists are available in English, Arabic and Persian?
How many engineers have been created under this system who have shown remarkable performance in civil, mechanical and other fields.
How many practical scientists are there in our society who get a master’s degree by studying science from class one?
Short story
We need to upgrade ourselves in practice.

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