Teacher’s position and responsibilities

By | November 3, 2020

Names of all my teachers …
The scent of authenticity comes from their character …
Even rocks can melt with their teaching …
After birth, man is transformed from a human being to a human being. And the importance of respecting this entity for all of us can be gauged from the fact that the Holy Prophet (sws) called himself a teacher.

A teacher is not just the name of a person or a caste, but a whole world. The effect of a teacher’s hard work, dedication, passion, trustworthiness, honesty, integrity, good intentions is not limited to his caste, but these attributes. The scope of beauty extends to millions of people. The teacher is the architect of any nation or society; he introduces the nation to civilization, ethics and social ups and downs.

Indeed, the teacher is the benefactor of the nation. The teacher teaches individuals the leadership of nations by teaching them love, brotherhood, tolerance, compassion, selflessness, sacrifice, unity, unity, honor, trustworthiness, honesty, truthfulness and justice.

Today, on the occasion of International Teachers’ Day, I would like to highlight the responsibilities along with the attributes of a teacher.

As great as the greatness and importance of the position of teacher is, so heavy are the responsibilities placed on the shoulders of the person who holds this position.

All the professions of life are born from the womb of teaching profession. Any field of life be it judiciary, army, politics, bureaucracy, health, culture, education or journalism all reflect the abilities of a teacher.

If there is justice, balance and harmony in these areas then it is the result of the teachings of good teachers and if there is any defect in the teachings of the teachers and any element goes against dignity and humanity then the society speaks of bribery and unrest. Becomes an image.

The teacher has been given the title of the architect of the nation for his key role in building a just society.

A teacher is not only a teacher up to the four walls of a classroom or a madrasa, but he is a teacher at every moment for his speed, speech, character and everything. A teacher has patience, understanding, decision making power, thinking with the students, It should be characterized by eloquence and eloquence.

May Allah be our supporter and helper.
Amen, Lord of the Worlds
Seeker of prayer: Zeb al-Nisa ‘

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