Memories of Dr. Nazir Ahmed, Principal, Government College, Lahore

By | November 3, 2020

Undoubtedly, Dr. Nazir Ahmad was a devout and knowledgeable man. His hometown was Government College, Lahore. Where he was sitting on the principal’s chair, the saris were always stuck around the necks of those sitting in the same chair. When this dervish person sat on the principal’s chair, that chair became equally dear to the teachers and students alike. The awe and glory of the principal’s office, which used to be there, not only increased the honor of this simple man. Did he spend four moons due to his humble nature? Today, where the name of Government Lodge Lahore comes, the name of Dr. Nazir Ahmed comes as the favorite principal.

Never seen in palaces and bungalows, but whenever he was seen, he was seen among his teachers and students. It is said that he used to get blessings from Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Ali, the great dervishes of Sheeranwala Gate, Lahore, who lived in Lahore for half a century. Keep teaching the citizens truth and love. It was this love lesson that compelled him, like a kind father, to go to the Mall Road in the early hours of the morning in a state of incomplete shaving, riding on a beaded bicycle and bringing back the protest march of his college students against the government. He never allowed the police to enter the college in his time.

He was truly the father of teachers, staff and students. Shelter was love which he used to express on most occasions. He continued to show high moral courage and understanding even in times of great crisis. He is credited with giving an undeserving student to General Ayub Khan. He refused admission on the recommendation of Amir Mohammad Khan, the hardline governor of K-Martial Law era. In exchange, he exchanged his views but did not compromise on principles. College students chanted “Bring our father back” on the streets. The situation became so tense that the governor had to cancel the exchange. When the exchange was canceled, the students carried the dervishes on their shoulders. He sat down and danced happily and brought it back to the principal’s office of the college. Hardly any principal in the history of government college has received such love.

Dr. Aftab Ahmad Khan writes in one place that Dr. Syed Nazir Ahmad Shah (his full name was this) was a PhD in Zoology. As a student, he earned advanced degrees in the subject and took up the profession of teaching and learning. But the focus of his interests has always been on animal talk. Dr. Nazir Ahmad was an old student of Islamia College where he held the post of Chaudhry Muhammad Ali (who held the post of Prime Minister of Pakistan). Dr. Sahib went to England in the mid-1930s where he received his PhD from the University of London. The world saw him cycling on the streets of England. The habit of cycling is the last of his life. Breath remained with them. Simplicity was also evident in their way of life and dress.

In summer, khaddar and lathe white karta and shalwar. Multani khasa or Peshawari slippers in the feet. In winter, this dress is accompanied by a sherwani or tweed jacket and trousers and a loose-fitting old tie. Dr. Nazir Ahmed belonged to the Sadat family. He was born in Lahore on December 19, 1905. He passed the M.Sc. Biology examination from the University of Calcutta in the first class and then in London. I obtained my PhD degree and came to Government College Lahore in December 1954 and continued to teach in the same college till my retirement. In 1959 I became the Principal of Government College and in 1965 I retired from the same post. Official Dictionary of Official Terms and Dialects (Urdu, English) Kalam Balhe Shah, Kaliat Hazrat Shah Hussain and Kaliat Hazrat Sultan Bahuki. Research and Decoration.

He also published Sharh Kaliyat Ghalib (Persian) by Sufi Tabassum. These research and editing services are a valuable asset in Urdu and Persian literature. Researching and compiling the words of three Sufi poets of Punjab, Bale Shah, Shah Hussain and Sultan Bahoo is his everlasting work, which has earned the status of certificate in Punjabi literature. Dr. Syed Nazir Ahmad Shah passed away on August 13, 1985 at Bedian Road near Bhatta. Dr. Syed Nazir Ahmad Shah passed away on August 13, 1985 at Bedian Road near Bhatta. He was buried in the cemetery of Chowk “Rahmat”.

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